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Civil Litigation

Wrongful Death


     Dunn v. Pacific Employers Insurance Company, 101 N.C. App. 508, 400 SE 2d 63 (1991)


          Issue raised: Whether plaintiff's wrongful death action was barred by the provisions of N.C.G.S. 1-53(4). 



Product Liability 


     Duncan v. Ammons Construction Company, Inc., 87 N.C. App. 597, 361 S.E. 2d 906 (1987)

          Issue raised:  Whether plaintiff’s personal injury action, based on the collapse of a folding attic staircase, was barred by the six year statute of repose contained in

          N.C.G.S. 1-50(5).

     Williams v. Hyatt Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc., 48 N.C. App. 308, 269 S.E. 2d 184 (1980)

          Issues raised:  (1) Whether the absence of privity of contract between the ultimate purchaser and manufacturer bars a direct claim for breach of express warranty and

          (2) whether the purchaser’s non-expert opinion of the value of his personal property, based on experience and observation, is admissible.



Premises Liability


     Kilpatrick v. University Mall Shopping Center, 68 N.C. App. 629, 315 S.E. 2d 786 (1984)

          Issue raised:  Whether the negligence of one or more defendants may be imputed to other defendants under the joint enterprise theory.

     ​Hicks v. Food Lion, Inc., 94 N.C. App. 85, 379 S.E. 2d 677 (1989)

          Issues addressed:  Negligence and contributory negligence in a grocery store slip and fall case.​



Charitable Trust Administration 


     Morris v. The E.A. Morris Charitable Foundation, 161 N.C. App. 673, 589 S.E. 2d 414 (2003)

          Issue raised:  Whether the lawsuit brought by former trustees of a charitable foundation to change the remainder beneficiary of four trusts was properly dismissed by

          the trial court under Rule 12(b)(6) for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.​​


​     Morris v. Thomas161 N.C. App. 680, 589 S.E. 2d 419 (2003)

          Issue raised:  Whether former members of the board of directors of a charitable foundation had standing to pursue a directive action on the foundation’s behalf.



Insurance Coverage


     Eaves v. Universal Underwriters Group, 107 N.C. App. 595, 421 S.E. 2d 191 (1992)


          The Court of Appeals determined the order of coverage of garage liability and non-ownership liability insurance policies, each of which contained excess and “other

          insurance” clauses.



Motor Vehicle Negligence 


     Stephens v. Mann50 N.C. App. 133, 272 S.E. 2d 771 (1980)


          Issue raised:  Whether the trial judge erred in refusing to submit the issue of last clear chance to the jury.


​     Coletrane v. Lamb42 N.C. App. 654, 257 S.E. 2d 445 (1979)

          Issue raised:  Whether the trial judge erred in denying plaintiff’s Rule 59 motion to set aside the jury’s verdict or grant a new trial.


Third Party Liens


     Martinez v. Lovette, 121 N.C. App. 712, 468 S.E. 2d 251 (1996)


     Wiggins v. Bushranger Fence Company, 126 N.C. App. 74, 483 S.E. 2d 450 (1997)

     Johnson v. Southern Industrial Constructors, Inc., 347 N.C. 530, 495 S.E. 2d 356 (1998)

          Issue raised in each case:  Whether the trial court had jurisdiction to determine and reduce the workers’ compensation lien of the plaintiff’s employer and its insurance  


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